QTEK Chemistries

Choosing a customised cleaning chemistry that is ideally suited to your production needs can be difficult. QTEK make the choice simple and effective by introducing their range of customised chemistries, specifically designed for particular production cleaning requirements.

QTEK provide a range of cleaning fluids in 500ml, 5litre and 25litre containers. Each customised chemistry is designed for a specific industrial cleaning task, such as solder paste removal, glass cleaning or bench sterilisation. QTEK cleaning chemistries are also available in spray bottles, containing 500ml of chemistry in a convenient trigger-action container. Please click on a product below for further details.

Stencil Clean
QTEK Stencil Clean
 Adhesive Remover
QTEK Adhesive Remover
Pure IPA
Metal Clean
QTEK Metal Clean
Stencil Wash
QTEK Stencil Wash