QTEK Dry Wipes

Dry WipesQTEK Dry Wipes are made from tough, durable material which is resistant to tearing or disintegration, but which will not scratch or scrape sensitive surfaces. Made from highly absorbent non-woven fabrics for removing spills or misprints, QTEK's range of wipes are low linting and have excellent wetting characteristics. Each QTEK wipe is effective both as a dry wipe and in conjunction with QTEK cleaning chemistries.

Part No. Description Size Wipes/Pack
5709 QTEK SMT Wipe 9" × 9" 300
5909 QTEK Cleanroom Wipe 9" × 9" 300
5512 QTEK Industrial Wipe 12" × 12" 150

Sontara Roll Wipes

QTEK Sontara Roll Wipes

QTEK Sontara wipes are perforated rolls for manual cleaning which use DuPont Sontara Material. QTEK Sontara Wipes are low linting and very absorbent providing highly effective cleaning properties. The rolls can be mounted on bench or wall stands for easy dispensing if required.

Part No. Description Size Wipes/Roll
5309 QTEK Sontara Cleanmaster Wipes 9" × 9" 300
5314 QTEK Sontara Cleanmaster Wipes 14" × 14 " 300