QTEK Fluid Dispenser Pens

The Fluid Dispenser Pen is a multifunctional product, which increases precision in fluid dispensing and eliminates the mess associated with dispensing bottles. The chisel point, spring-loaded tip allows the user to determine the amount of liquid to be dispensed, thus reducing waste and chemical exposure.

Fluid Dispenser PensWhile primarily used for flux dispensing, this diverse product can also be used for the dispensing of solvents, lubricants, masking, RMA chemistries, adhesives and water-based liquids. The Fluid Dispenser Pen prevents evaporation of material and conforms to current regulations for controlling substances capable of evaporation hazard. A unique dispensing valve prevents flooding and spattering, and releases liquid in controlled amounts to the nib.


The Fluid Dispenser Pen is in two parts (cap and reservoir) and is easily assembled. The reservoir should be filled with material to within 19mm (0.75) of the top; this air chamber allows for the valve cap to be pressed securely in position. Priming is achieved by depressing the nib while the pen is vertical.


Fluid Dispenser PensThe Fluid Dispenser Pen is a unique tool, ideal for rework and touch up soldering. The diverse product can also be used for distribution of solvents, lubricants, masking, RMA chemistries, adhesives and water-based liquids. It allows controlled application of liquid, eliminating both waste and mess.

The Fluid Dispenser Pen is ideally suited for surface mount rework, component add-on applications, and tape-automated-bonding (TAB) assembly operations. The Fluid Dispenser Pen effectively solves the common problems of cold solder and unsoldered joints which are easily caused in the soldering process. Eliminating such problems reduces the cost of production and increases production efficiency.

Furthermore when used for Flux dispensing, the Fluid Dispensing Pen avoids the limitations of bottled flux in the process. Not only does it control the flow of flux in accordance with the requirements of the welding area, it also serves to simplify the operation process, with added security and reliability.

QTEK Fluid Dispenser with Brush Tip

Fluid Dispenser Pens with Brush TipThe QTEK Fluid Dispenser with Brush Tip consists of a polypropylene cartridge with a fine nylon brush tip, and has a capacity of 7cc. The fine brush tip allows users to reach even the smallest of areas, with increased accuracy. The transparent cartridge allows the user to view the level of remaining material, and as applying light pressure to either side of the barrel dispenses the fluid, the user has complete control over the amount of fluid being dispensed.

QTEK Fluid Dispenser Pens
Part No. Description
FP 100 Fluid Dispenser Pen Regular
FP 200 Fluid Dispenser Pen, ESD safe, aluminium
FP 300 Fluid Dispenser Pen with Nylon tip brush

Part No. Description
FP 202 FP202Acrylic Chisel Nib
FP 204 FP 204Acrylic Bullet Nib
FP 206 FP 206Acrylic Point Nib
FP 208 FP 208Polyester Chisel Nib