QTEK Laser Cut Stencils

QTEK Laser Cut Stencils are produced at our Mexican facility only, and are only available from QTEK Mexico.

QTEK Laser Cut Stencil

QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. (Mexico) is the supplier of choice for precision SMT stencils. QTEK maintain a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, and combine an ability to truly understand customer needs with significant knowledge and investment in state of the art laser, CNC and CAD/CAM technology.

QTEK Laser Cut Stencils are suitable for transferring solder paste or glue through the apertures onto a given substrate. Control of the aperture characteristics, stencil thickness and accurate fiducial generation are directly related to the volume, alignment and positioning of paste deposited during printing. Superior performance in fine-pitch, high-density stencil manufacture is a direct result of the speed and precision of laser cutting.

QTEK has a highly experienced team who have extensive knowledge and practical experience of both stencil printing and surface mount technology. QTEK provide reliable technical support to guarantee your stencil consistently achieves the best results possible.

Features of QTEK Laser Cut Stencils

QTEK Laser Cut Stencil

Stencils offer the following benefits:

QTEK Electroform Stencils

QTEK offer a range of nickel-based, electroform stencils. Electroform stencils can be used for sub 20 mil pitch, 0402 or smaller components, micro BGA, wafer bumping, or extremely populated boards. QTEK nickel stencils offer unsurpassed durability and paste release.