QTEK Pre-saturated Wipes

Choosing a pre-saturated wipe that is ideally suited to your production needs can be difficult. The decision can often become confusing, as many manufacturers tend to focus on the wipe material, rather than its application. QTEK make the choice simple and effective by introducing their range of wipes pre-saturated with customised chemistries, specifically designed for particular production cleaning requirements.

QTEK provide a range of pre-saturated wipes in foil sealed tubs of 100 wipes, which incorporate an easy-to-use unique flip-top lid, which prevents evaporation of chemistry from the pre-saturated wipe. Each brand of wipe is impregnated with a chemistry designed for specific industrial cleaning tasks, such as solder paste removal, glass cleaning or bench sterilisation. Please click on a product below for further details.

Stencil Clean
QTEK Stencil Clean
Adhesive Remover
QTEK Adhesive Remover
Pure IPA
Hand Clean
QTEK Hand Clean
Opti Clean
QTEK Opti Clean
Bench Clean
QTEK Bench Clean
Metal Clean
QTEK Metal Clean