QTEK Screen Cleaning Rolls

Screen cleaning rolls are essential components in keeping stencil printing machines clean and effective. Individual manufacturers configure their systems differently to use specific sizes and designs of underscreen cleaning rolls. It is imperative that these specifications are replicated exactly when choosing a screen roll. In particular, the quality of the wiping fabric must be sufficient to absorb solder paste and other contaminants, while remaining sufficiently porous for the vacuum unit to function.

Screen Cleaning Rolls

Custom Roll Designs

QTEK screen rolls are made to ensure that manufacturers’ specifications are matched exactly in a variety of custom lengths designed to provide cost-effective solutions to varying vacuum and stencil dimensions. Each are made with the most absorbent and durable wiping fabrics available and are especially low linting.

DuPontQTEK have teamed up with DuPont to exclusively convert their Sontara Cleanmaster® wiping fabric for use in underscreen cleaning mechanisms. Sontara Cleanmaster® is a non-woven, extra strength material that has excellent wetting characteristics, which make it ideal for absorbing paste, solvents and adhesives. Together, QTEK and DuPont are making this Sontara Cleanmaster® material available for a variety of stencil printer cleaning units and the specially branded paper is clearly distinguishable from its inferior competitors. A list of current screen roll dimensions may be seen below, but custom designs can be made on request.

Screen Cleaning RollsQTEK Ultra Clean Screen Roll using Dupont's Fine Pitch Material

QTEK Ultra Clean Screen Roll using Dupont's Fine Pitch Material is designed for printing processes where maximum cleaning action and zero fibre particle generation are required. Ultra Clean Rolls are made with 100% Lyocel specialty fibres, which is especially absorbent and clean. The knit construction has been developed to ensure product integrity, cleaning performance and low particle generation. QTEK's Ultra Screen Cleaning rolls will not scratch and become even softer when wet, while maintaining their strength. QTEK Ultra Screen Roll will not change any of its physical properties when used with most solvents. QTEK Ultra Screen Cleaning Roll's material features a low level of soluble extractables and has a low electrostatic charge.

Product Features


Screen Cleaning Roll Diagram

NOTE: * Denotes the most commonly used screen rolls. The rest are just representative of the range of rolls that QTEK can provide. Please contact us for custom roll requirements. All we need to know is printer type, material width & length and we can do the rest!
    “A”Core “B” Core “C” Core “D” Roll “E” Paper “F”Paper Core  
Part No. Printer Ref. No Length (mm) ID (mm) OD (mm) OD (mm) Length (m) Width (mm) Material Notch
2660* DEK Horizon / Infinity 115660 530 19.6 22.6 58 11 515 Perspex Yes
2662 DEK Horizon / Infinity 115662 530 19.6 22.6 58 11 400 Perspex Yes
2664 DEK Horizon / Infinity 115664 530 19.6 22.6 58 11 300 Perspex Yes
2300* MPM
AP27 / UP2000 / UP3000
P1485 456 19.4 25.4 63 11 444 Cardboard No

AP27 / UP2000 / UP3000
N/A 456 19.4 25.4 63 14.3 444 Cardboard No
2200 MPM
AP27 / UP2000 / UP3000
N/A 571 19.4 25.4 63 11 559 Cardboard No
E 400* Ekra E-5 N/A 400 12 19 47 7 400 Cardboard No
P 360 Panasonic SPPG-1 N/A 360 38.1 41.1 76 11 360 Cardboard No
F 500 Fuji GP 541 N/A 500 25.4 28.4 60 7.8 500 Cardboard Yes
SM 410 SMTech / Quad D AVX-400 N/A 410 38.1 41.1 65 7 410 Cardboard No
K 350 KME N/A 350 38.1 41.1 100 28 350 Cardboard No
SY 280 Sanyo N/A 280 38.1 41.1 76 11 280 Cardboard No